Science / Genetics / Cancer: Diseases in which abnormal cells divide and grow unchecked. Cancer can spread from its original site to other parts of the body and can be fatal.

Sporadic Cancer

Science / Genetics / Sporadic Cancer: Cancer that occurs randomly and is not inherited from parents. Caused by dna changes in one cell that grows and divides, spreading throughout the body. MORE

Hereditary Cancer

Science / Genetics / Hereditary Cancer: Cancer that occurs due to the inheritance of an altered gene within a family. MORE

Cancer Risk

Health / Disease / Cancer Risk: A theoretical risk for getting cancer if exposed to a substance every day for 70 years (a lifetime exposure). The true risk might be lower. MORE

Tropic Of Cancer

Science / Weather / Tropic Of Cancer: The most northern point on the earth where the sun is directly overhead, located at approximately 23.5 degrees North latitude. MORE

L-Asccancer Forming Agent

Health / Vitamins / L-Asccancer Forming Agent: Also known as Orbic Acid. Unstable compound chemically known as L-xyloascorbic acid or short, AsA, major soluble antioxidant contained by plants and very important nutrient for humans, works as an eff MORE


Science / Genetics / Retinoblastoma: A childhood malignant cancer of the retina of the eye. Reverse transcriptase viral enzyme used to make cdna. MORE