Science / Genetics / Carcinogen: Something which causes cancer to occur by causing changes in a cell's dna.


Health / Vitamins / Nitrosamine: Potentially carcinogenic compounds formed by the reactions of nitrites with amines or amides normally present in the body. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Asbestos: A mineral once used in insulation and other materials that can cause respiratory diseases. Asbestos has been classified as carcinogenic. MORE

Chronic Toxicity

Business / Agriculture / Chronic Toxicity: The capacity of a substance to cause long-term or delayed adverse health effects. For example, a cancer resulting from exposure to a carcinogen may not appear for years or decades. MORE

Diethylstibestrol (DES)

Business / Agriculture / Diethylstibestrol (DES): A synthetic estrogen hormone. DES was used widely in the United States as a growth promoter in cattle and sheep and as a treatment for estrogen-deficiency disorders in veterinary medicine, and for pos MORE