Science / Genetics / Cdna: Complementary dna produced from a rna template by the action of rna- dependent dna polymerase.

Cdna Library

Science / Genetics / Cdna Library: A collection of dna sequences that code for genes. The sequences are generated in the laboratory from mrna sequences. MORE

Complementary DNA (CDNA)

Science / Genetics / Complementary DNA (CDNA): Dna that is synthesized from a messenger rna template: the single-stranded form is often used as a probe in physical mapping. MORE


Science / Genetics / Retinoblastoma: A childhood malignant cancer of the retina of the eye. Reverse transcriptase viral enzyme used to make cdna. MORE

Gene Chip Technology

Science / Genetics / Gene Chip Technology: Development of cdna microarrays from a large number of genes. Used to monitor and measure changes in gene expression for each gene represented on the chip. MORE

Sequence Tagged Site (STS)

Science / Genetics / Sequence Tagged Site (STS): Short (200 to 500 base pairs) dna sequence that has a single occurrence in the human genome and whose location and base sequence are known. Detectable by polymerase chain reaction, stss are useful for MORE

Reverse Transcriptase

Science / Biology / Reverse Transcriptase: An enzyme used in the replication of retroviruses; aids in copying the retroviruss RNA into a complementary strand of DNA once inside the host cell. MORE