Science / Genetics / Centromere: A region of a chromosome to which spindle traction fibers attach during mitosis and meiosis: the position of the centromere determines whether the chromosome is considered an acrocentric, metacentric or telomeric chromosome.


Science / Genetics / Isochromosome: A metacentric chromosome produced during mitosis or meiosis when the centromere splits transversely instead of longitudinally: the arms of such chromosome are equal in length and genetically identical MORE


Science / Biology / Kinetochores: Structures at the centromeres of the chromosomes to which the fibers of the mitotic spindle connect. MORE

Mitotic Spindle

Science / Biology / Mitotic Spindle: A network of microtubules formed during prophase. Some microtubules attach to the centromeres of the chromosomes and help draw the chromosomes apart during anaphase. MORE

Sister Chromatids

Science / Biology / Sister Chromatids: Chromatids joined by a common centromere and carrying identical genetic information (unless crossing-over has occurred). MORE