Cloning Vector

Science / Genetics / Cloning Vector: Dna molecule originating from a virus, a plasmid, or the cell of a higher organism into which another dna fragment of appropriate size can be integrated without loss of the vectors capacity for self- replication: vectors introduce foreign dna into host cells, where it can be reproduced in large quantities. Examples are plasmids, cosmids, and yeast artificial chromosomes: vectors are often recombinant molecules containing dna sequences from several sources.

Clone or Cloning

Technology / Cell Phones / Clone or Cloning: A wireless phone programmed with stolen or duplicated electronic serial and mobile identification numbers. The Wireless Telephone Protection Act of 1998 outlawed cloning. The Act prohibits knowingly u MORE


Health / Disease / Vector: A living organism that transmits the infectious agent eg. Ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. MORE


Science / Biology / Vectors: Self-replicating DNA molecules that can be joined with DNA fragments to form recombinant DNA molecules. MORE