Complementary Sequence

Science / Genetics / Complementary Sequence: Nucleic acid base sequence that can form a double-stranded structure with another dna fragment by following base-pairing rules (a pairs with t and c with g). The complementary sequence to gtac for example, is catg.

Other Words for Sequence

Sequence Noun Synonyms: succession, progression, order, series, chain, string, course, cycle, arrangement, organization, train, line, set, run, concatenation, system

Sanger Sequence

Science / Genetics / Sanger Sequence: Plus and minus or 'primed synthesis' method: dna is synthesized so it is radioactively labeled and the reaction terminates specifically at the position corresponding to a given base. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Sequence: A successive transposition and repetition of a phrase at different pitches. MORE

Repeat Sequences

Science / Genetics / Repeat Sequences: The length of a nucleotide sequence that is repeated in a tandem cluster. MORE

Regulatory Region Or Sequence

Science / Genetics / Regulatory Region Or Sequence: A dna base sequence that controls gene expression. MORE

Highly Conserved Sequence

Science / Genetics / Highly Conserved Sequence: Dna sequence that is very similar across several different types of organisms. MORE

Nucleotide Sequences

Science / Biology / Nucleotide Sequences: The genetic code encrypted in the sequence of bases along a nucleic acid. MORE