Complex Trait

Science / Genetics / Complex Trait: Trait that has a genetic component that does not follow strict mendelian inheritance. May involve the interaction of two or more genes or gene-environment interactions.

Other Words for Trait

Trait Noun Synonyms: feature, characteristic, attribute, quality, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, quirk, lineament, mark, property

Mesoscale Convective Complex (MCC)

Science / Weather / Mesoscale Convective Complex (MCC): A large mesoscale convective system (MCS) which is about the size of the state of Ohio or Iowa and lasts at least 6 hours. Generally forming during the afternoon and evening, the complex normally reac MORE

Membrane-Attack Complex (MAC)

Science / Biology / Membrane-Attack Complex (MAC): A large cylindrical multiprotein complex formed by the complement system; kills invading microorganisms by embedding in their plasma membrane, creating a pore through which fiuid fiows, ultimately cau MORE

Low Spin Complex

Science / Chemistry / Low Spin Complex: A metal-ligand complex with fewer unpaired electrons than the uncomplexed metal ion. When a strong ligand complexes the metal ion, the crystal field splitting is large and some electrons pair rather t MORE

High Spin Complex

Science / Chemistry / High Spin Complex: A metal-ligand complex with the same number of unpaired electrons as the uncomplexed metal ion. When a weak ligand complexes the metal ion, the crystal field splitting is small and the electrons can s MORE

Oedipal Complex

Entertainment / Literature / Oedipal Complex: The late Victorian and early twentieth-century psychologist Freud argued that male children, jealous of sharing their mother's attention with a father-figure, would come to possess a subconscious ince MORE

Oedipus Complex

Science / Psychiatry / Oedipus Complex: Attachment of the child to the parent of the opposite sex, accompanied by envious and aggressive feelings toward the parent of the same sex. These feelings are largely repressed (i.e., made unconsciou MORE