Science / Genetics / Confidentiality: In genetics, the expectation that genetic material and the information gained from testing that material will not be available without the donor's consent.

Confidentiality Agreement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Confidentiality Agreement: A contract restricting an employee from disclosing confidential or proprietary information. MORE

Traditional Adoption

Life Style / Adoption / Traditional Adoption: Most often used to refer to a domestic infant adoption in which confidentiality is preserved. Equivalent to a Closed adoption. MORE

Closed Adoption

Life Style / Adoption / Closed Adoption: Adoption in which confidentiality of both adoptive parents and birth parents are protected under the law, the courts seal all records. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Loyalty: The duty of loyalty requires the agent to place the principals interests above those of all others, including the agents own self-interest. The agent must be particularly sensitive to any possible con MORE

Privacy (Information)

Business / Agriculture / Privacy (Information): The right to control the disclosure of personal information: often referred to as confidentiality, but more accurately might be called data protection. Many landowners, including farmers, have grown c MORE