Conservative Change

Science / Genetics / Conservative Change: An amino acid change that does not affect significantly the function of the protein.

Other Words for Change

Change Verb Synonyms: exchange, interchange, switch, trade, replace (with), substitute, swap or swop
Change Noun Synonyms: substitution, replacement, exchange, interchange, switch

Other Words for Conservative

Conservative Noun Synonyms: reactionary, right, right-wing, rightist, Tory
Conservative Adjective Synonyms: cautious, careful, prudent, moderate, temperate, middle-of-the-road, sober, stable, unprogressive, orthodox, traditional, conformist, hidebound, conventional, standard, fundamentalist, true-blue, dyed in the wool

Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)

Business / Finance / Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX): Established in 1992, the most liquid and best organized financial exchange in Russia. MORE

National Cheese Exchange (NCE)

Business / Agriculture / National Cheese Exchange (NCE): A now defunct private non-profit corporation that operated in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Every Friday morning for one-half hour, members of the NCE met to buy or sell cheddar cheese in 40-pound blocks and MORE

National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Business / Finance / National Stock Exchange (NSE): Second-largest stock exchange based in India. MORE

Net Change

Business / Finance / Net Change: This is the difference between a day's last trade and the previous day's last trade. MORE

Montreal Exchange-Bourse De Montreal

Business / Finance / Montreal Exchange-Bourse De Montreal: The oldest stock exchange in Canada trading stocks, bonds, futures, and options. The Canadian Market Portfolio Index (XXM) tracks the market performance of the 25 highest-capitalization stocks traded MORE

Milan Stock Exchange

Business / Finance / Milan Stock Exchange: The largest regional stock exchange in Italy, facilitating more than 90% of the country's trading volume. MORE