Degenerate Codon

Science / Genetics / Degenerate Codon: A codon that specifies the same amino acid as another codon.

Other Words for Degenerate

Degenerate Verb Synonyms: debased, degraded, corrupt, corrupted, vitiated, decadent, depraved, reprobate, dissolute, ignoble, base, low, inferior, vile
Degenerate Adjective Synonyms: decline, deteriorate, decay, sink, worsen, backslide, regress, retrogress, weaken, go to the dogs, go to rack and ruin, go to pot

Stop Codon

Science / Biology / Stop Codon: The codon on a messenger RNA molecule where protein synthesis stops. MORE

Termination Codon

Science / Biology / Termination Codon: One of three three-base sequences that initiate termination of the protein synthesis process. See stop codon. MORE


Science / Biology / Thecodonts: An informal term for a variety of Permian and Triassic reptiles that had teeth set in individual sockets. Small, bipedal thecodontians are the probable ancestors of dinosaurs. MORE

Start Codon

Science / Biology / Start Codon: The codon (AUG) on a messenger RNA molecule where protein synthesis begins. MORE

Initiation Codon (AUG)

Science / Biology / Initiation Codon (AUG): Three-base sequence on the messenger RNA that codes for the amino acid methionine; the start command for protein synthesis. MORE


Science / Biology / Codon: A sequence of three nucleotides in messenger RNA that codes for a single amino acid. MORE