Science / Genetics / Deletion: The loss of a segment of the genetic material from a chromosome.

Deletion Mapping

Science / Genetics / Deletion Mapping: The use of overlapping deletions to localize the position of an unknown gene on a chromosome or linkage map. MORE

Chromosomal Deletion

Science / Genetics / Chromosomal Deletion: The loss of part of a chromosome's dna. MORE

Deletion Map

Science / Genetics / Deletion Map: A description of a specific chromosome that uses defined mutations --specific deleted areas in the genome-- as 'biochemical signposts,' or markers for specific areas. MORE

Cri Du Chat

Science / Psychiatry / Cri Du Chat: A type of mental retardation. The name is derived from a catlike cry emitted by children with this disorder, which is caused by partial deletion of chromosome 5. MORE


Technology / Programming / Rdbms: Rdbms is the abbreviation for 'relational database management system', a system for the creation, manipulation, and deletion of relational databases in part or in toto. Well known rdbms systems are po MORE


Technology / Email / Linkrot: What happens when links go bad over time, either because a Web site has shut down or a site has stopped supporting a unique landing page provided in an email promotion. MORE