Directed Sequencing

Science / Genetics / Directed Sequencing: Successively sequencing dna from adjacent stretches of chromosome.

Self-Directed Retirement Plan

Business / Taxes / Self-Directed Retirement Plan: If you participate in a salary reduction retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or a 403(b), you usually must select the investments into which your contribution goes from a menu of choices your plan offer MORE

Self-Directed Teams

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Self-Directed Teams: A multi-skilled, cross-functional group of employees possessing full empowerment who share responsibilities for producing a particular service or product. MORE


Science / Genetics / Sequencing: Determination of the order of nucleotides (base sequences) in a dna or rna molecule or the order of amino acids in a protein. MORE

Sequencing Technology

Science / Genetics / Sequencing Technology: The instrumentation and procedures used to determine the order of nucleotides in dna. MORE

Self-Directed IRA

Business / Finance / Self-Directed IRA: An IRA that the account holder can after appointing a custodian manager to carry out investment instructions. MORE

Sanger Sequencing

Science / Genetics / Sanger Sequencing: A widely used method of determining the order of bases in dna. MORE