Science / Genetics / Dominant: Alleles that determine the phenotype displayed in a heterozygote with another (recessive) allele.

Other Words for Dominant

Dominant Adjective Synonyms: predominant, chief, main, principal, primary, prevailing, outstanding, pre-eminent, paramount
Dominant Verb Synonyms: commanding, authoritative, controlling, governing, ruling, leading, reigning, influential, assertive, supreme, superior, ascendant

Dominant Tenement

Business / Real Estate / Dominant Tenement: The estate that is said to attach to and derive benefit from the servient estate in reference to an easement appurtenant. For example, an easement road passes over an owners land (the servient tenemen MORE

Dominant Chord

Entertainment / Music / Dominant Chord: Chord built on the fifth scale step, the V chord. MORE

Dominant Ideology

Technology / Television (TV) / Dominant Ideology: In Marxism, the system of beliefs about the world propagated and supported by the society's ruling class. MORE

Autosomal Dominant

Science / Genetics / Autosomal Dominant: A gene on one of the non-sex chromosomes that is always expressed, even if only one copy is present. The chance of passing the gene to offspring is 50% for each pregnancy. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Subdominant: The fourth scale step, fa. MORE

Subdominant Chord

Entertainment / Music / Subdominant Chord: Chord built on the fourth scale step, the IV chord. MORE