Science / Genetics / Electrophoresis: A method of separating large molecules (such as dna fragments or proteins) from a mixture of similar molecules. An electric current is passed through a medium containing the mixture, and each kind of molecule travels through the medium at a different rate, depending on its electrical charge and size. Agarose and acrylamide gels are the media commonly used for electrophoresis of proteins and nucleic acids.


Science / Genetics / Gamete: An haploid cell.gel electrophoresis the process by which nucleic acids (dna or rna) or proteins are separated by size according to movement of the charged molecules in an electrical field. MORE


Science / Genetics / Autoradiography: A technique that uses x-ray film to visualize radioactively labeled molecules or fragments of molecules: used in analyzing length and number of dna fragments after they are separated by gel electropho MORE