Escherichia Coli

Science / Genetics / Escherichia Coli: Common bacterium that has been studied intensively by geneticists because of its small genome size, normal lack of pathogenicity, and ease of growth in the laboratory.

E Coli

Business / Agriculture / E Coli: (Escherichia Coli 0157:H7) A bacterium that lives harmlessly in the intestines of animals such as cattle, reptiles, and birds. However, in humans the bacterium, which can be transmitted through foods, MORE


Science / Geology / Laccolith: An igneous intrusion that has been forced between two layered rock units. The top of the intrusion is arched upwards and the bottom of the intrusion is nearly flat. MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Bucolic : Sir thomas elyot's latin-english dictionary (1538) explains 'bucolicum carmen, a poeme made of herdmen.' cf. Eclogue, idyll, and pastoral. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Picolit: Has several synonym names including Balafan, Peccoleto, Ranful Weiss, Wisellertraube Weiss and Uva del Friuli. Reported to be an ancient indigenous white wine producing variety from the Friuli-Venezia MORE


Science / Chemistry / Picoliter: One picoliter is 10-12 liters. MORE

Glycolic Acid

Health / Vitamins / Glycolic Acid: Also known as hydroxyacetic acid, substance with exfoliating properties, used in cosmetic abrasive procedures for dead skin removal and rejuvenation in concentrations of 20%-80% or in at-home kits in MORE