Full Gene Sequence

Science / Genetics / Full Gene Sequence: The complete order of bases in a gene. This order determines which protein a gene will produce.

Other Words for Full

Full Noun Synonyms: complete, thorough, detailed, comprehensive, total, all-inclusive, broad, extensive, all-encompassing, exhaustive, plenary
Full Adjective Synonyms: complete, entire, whole
Full Verb Synonyms: filled, replete, brimming, brim-full, packed, jam-packed, congested, loaded, bursting, chock-a-block, chock-full or choke-full or chuck-full, jammed, crammed, solid, well supplied, crowded, stuffed, gorged, saturated, sated, satiated
Full Adverb Synonyms: very, perfectly, exceedingly, quite, damned

Other Words for Sequence

Sequence Noun Synonyms: succession, progression, order, series, chain, string, course, cycle, arrangement, organization, train, line, set, run, concatenation, system

Genetic Marker

Science / Genetics / Genetic Marker: A gene or other identifiable portion of dna whose inheritance can be followed. MORE

Genetic Maps

Science / Biology / Genetic Maps: Diagrams showing the order of and distance between genes; constructed using crossover information. MORE

Genetic Mosaic

Science / Genetics / Genetic Mosaic: An organism in which different cells contain different genetic sequence. This can be the result of a mutation during development or fusion of embryos at an early developmental stage. MORE

Genetic Polymorphism

Science / Genetics / Genetic Polymorphism: Difference in dna sequence among individuals, groups, or populations (e.g., genes for blue eyes versus brown eyes). MORE

Genetic Screening

Science / Genetics / Genetic Screening: Testing groups of individuals to identify defective genes capable of causing hereditary conditions. MORE

Genetic Predisposition

Science / Genetics / Genetic Predisposition: Susceptibility to a genetic disease. May or may not result in actual development of the disease. MORE