Functional Genomics

Science / Genetics / Functional Genomics: The study of genes, their resulting proteins, and the role played by the proteins the body's biochemical processes.

Other Words for Functional

Functional Verb Synonyms: working, operating, operational, running, going
Functional Noun Synonyms: utilitarian,eful, serviceable, practical, practicable, functioning, working, essential, important, effective

Functional Team

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Functional Team: A group of employees who are responsible for a particular function within the organization. MORE

Functional Status

Health / Health Insurance / Functional Status: A patient's ability to perform the activities of daily living. MORE


Science / Genetics / Genomics: The study of genes and their function. MORE


Science / Genetics / Pharmacogenomics: The study of the interaction of an individual's genetic makeup and response to a drug. MORE


Science / Genetics / Toxicogenomics: The study of how genomes respond to environmental stressors or toxicants. Combines genome-wide mrna expression profiling with protein expression patterns using bioinformatics to understand the role of MORE

Structural Genomics

Science / Genetics / Structural Genomics: The effort to determine the 3d structures of large numbers of proteins using both experimental techniques and computer simulation MORE