Gene Pool

Science / Genetics / Gene Pool: All the variations of genes in a species.

Other Words for Pool

Pool Adjective Synonyms: pond, lake, tarn, mere, lagoon, swimming-pool, leisure pool, wading pool, paddling pool, wading pool, natatorium
Pool Noun Synonyms: syndicate, trust, group, consortium, cartel, combine

Genetic Divergence

Science / Biology / Genetic Divergence: The separation of a populations gene pool from the gene pools of other populations due to mutation, genetic drift, and selection. Continued divergence can lead to speciation. MORE

Housekeeping Genes

Science / Genetics / Housekeeping Genes: Those genes expressed in all cells because they provide functions needed for sustenance of all cell types. MORE

Human Gene Therapy

Science / Genetics / Human Gene Therapy: Insertion of normal dna directly into cells to correct a genetic defect. MORE

Internal Temporary Pool Employee

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Internal Temporary Pool Employee: A pool of former employees who are called upon and hired to fill temporary staffing needs on an as-needed basis. MORE

Homogeneous Mixture

Science / Chemistry / Homogeneous Mixture: A sample of matter consisting of more than one pure substance with properties that do not vary within the sample. MORE

Limited-Tax General Obligation Bond

Business / Finance / Limited-Tax General Obligation Bond: A general obligation bond of a government backed by specified or constrained revenue sources. MORE