Gene Prediction

Science / Genetics / Gene Prediction: Predictions of possible genes made by a computer program based on how well a stretch of dna sequence matches known gene sequences

Other Words for Prediction

Prediction Verb Synonyms: forecast, prophecy, augury, prognosis, intimation, hint, suggestion

Heterogeneous Mixture

Science / Chemistry / Heterogeneous Mixture: A sample of matter consisting of more than one pure substance and more than one phase. Blood, protoplasm, milk, chocolate, smoke, and chicken soup are examples of heterogeneous mixtures. MORE

Homeobox Genes

Science / Biology / Homeobox Genes: Pattern genes that establish the body plan and position of organs in response to gradients of regulatory molecules. MORE


Business / Finance / Homogeneity: An insurance policy protecting a homeowner against damage or loss to property. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Homogeneous: Having uniform properties or composition. MORE


Science / Genetics / Heterogeneity: The production of identical or similar phenotypes by different genetic mechanisms. MORE

Harmonic Prediction

Science / Tides and Currents / Harmonic Prediction: Method of predicting tides and tidal currents by combining the harmonic constituents into a single tide curve. The work is usually performed by electronic digital computer. MORE