Genetic Linkage Map

Science / Genetics / Genetic Linkage Map: A chromosome map showing the relative positions of the known genes on the chromosomes of a given species.


Entertainment / Bowling / Maples: The pins, because that's the wood they used to be made from. MORE

Maple Leaf

Business / Finance / Maple Leaf: A gold, silver, or platinum coin minted in Canada that usually trades at slightly more than its current bullion value. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Maple: The hard wood used for the head portion of the lanes (foul line to arrows); see also pine, splice, and dovetails. MORE

Mapping Population

Science / Genetics / Mapping Population: The group of related organisms used in constructing a genetic map. MORE

Market Access Program (MAP)

Business / Agriculture / Market Access Program (MAP): MAP, previously called the Market Promotion Program, is administered by the Foreign Agricultural Service and uses funds from the Commodity Credit Corporation. It helps producers, exporters, private co MORE

Modified American Plan ( Map)

Life Style / Travel / Modified American Plan ( Map): A meal plan that includes two or more daily meals, usually breakfast and dinner. MORE