Science / Genetics / Genome: All of the genes carried by a single gamete: the dna content of an individual, which includes all 44 autosomes, 2 sex chromosomes, and the mitochondrial dna.

Human Genome Project

Science / Biology / Human Genome Project: Federally funded project to determine the DNA base sequence of every gene in the human genome. MORE

Genome Project

Science / Genetics / Genome Project: Research and technology-development effort aimed at mapping and sequencing the genome of human beings and certain model organisms. MORE

Human Genome Initiative

Science / Genetics / Human Genome Initiative: Collective name for several projects begun in 1986 by doe to create an ordered set of dna segments from known chromosomal locations, develop new computational methods for analyzing genetic map and dna MORE


Health / Disease / Plasmid: DNA separate from the chromosomal DNA and capable of independent replication. Found naturally in many bacteria, it is typically circular and double-stranded. MORE


Science / Biology / Chromosomes: Structures in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell that consist of DNA molecules that contain the genes. MORE

Physical Map

Science / Genetics / Physical Map: A map of the locations of identifiable landmarks on dna (e.g., restriction enzyme cutting sites, genes), regardless of inheritance. Distance is measured in base pairs. For the human genome, the lowest MORE