Genomic Library

Science / Genetics / Genomic Library: A collection of clones made from a set of randomly generated overlapping dna fragments representing the entire genome of an organism. Compare library, arrayed library.


Science / Genetics / Library: An unordered collection of clones (i.e., cloned dna from a particular organism), whose relationship to each other can be established by physical mapping. Compare genomic library, arrayed library. MORE

Arrayed Library

Science / Genetics / Arrayed Library: Individual primary recombinant clones (hosted in phage, cosmid, yac, or other vector) that are placed in two-dimensional arrays in microtiter dishes. Each primary clone can be identified by the identi MORE


Science / Genetics / Pharmacogenomics: The study of the interaction of an individual's genetic makeup and response to a drug. MORE

National Agricultural Library (NAL)

Business / Agriculture / National Agricultural Library (NAL): A national depository of scientific and popular agricultural information located at the Agricultural Research Service’s research center in Beltsville, Maryland. NAL’s administration was merged wit MORE

Structural Genomics

Science / Genetics / Structural Genomics: The effort to determine the 3d structures of large numbers of proteins using both experimental techniques and computer simulation MORE


Science / Genetics / Toxicogenomics: The study of how genomes respond to environmental stressors or toxicants. Combines genome-wide mrna expression profiling with protein expression patterns using bioinformatics to understand the role of MORE