Germ Cell

Science / Genetics / Germ Cell: A sex cell or gamete (egg or spermatozoan).haldane equation haldane's law: the generalization that if first generation hybrids are produced between two species, but one sex is absent, rare, or sterile, that sex is the heterogamic sex.

Other Words for Cell

Cell Noun Synonyms: chamber, room, apartment, cubicle, stall

Other Words for Germ

Germ Adjective Synonyms: micro-organism, microbe, bacterium, virus, bug

Germ Line Gene Therapy

Science / Genetics / Germ Line Gene Therapy: An experimental process of inserting genes into germ cells or fertilized eggs to cause a genetic change that can be passed on to offspring. May be used to alleviate effects associated with a genetic d MORE


Technology / Aviation / Nacelle: A streamlined enclosure or housing to protect something such as the crew, engine, or landing gear. French: nacelle, from Latin, navicella, little ship. MORE

Nocello Walnut

Entertainment / Liquor / Nocello Walnut: Nocello, from the Emeligia-Romagna region of Italy MORE


Science / Biology / Multicellular: Organisms composed of multiple cells and exhibiting some division of labor and specialization of cell structure and function. MORE

Multicell Storm

Science / Weather / Multicell Storm: A thunderstorm made up of two or more single-cell storms. MORE

Miscellaneous Non-Current Assets

Business / Finance / Miscellaneous Non-Current Assets: An account for assets not including current assets, property, plant and equipment, intangibles, deposits, and loans made. MORE