Germ Line

Science / Genetics / Germ Line: The continuation of a set of genetic information from one generation to the next.

Other Words for Germ

Germ Adjective Synonyms: micro-organism, microbe, bacterium, virus, bug

Other Words for Line

Line Noun Synonyms: wrinkle, crease, crinkle, furrow, crow's-foot
Line Adjective Synonyms: mark, pencil-mark, pen-mark, rule, score, stroke, underline, underscore, diagonal, slash, virgule, shilling-mark, solidus, separatrix, oblique
Line Verb Synonyms: interline, cover, face, ceil

Nutrition Guidelines

Business / Agriculture / Nutrition Guidelines: Federal guidelines established for meals served in child nutrition meal service programs governing the types of foods and nutrient content required in order to be eligible for reimbursement. MORE

North Germanic

Entertainment / Literature / North Germanic: The sub-branch of the Germanic languages that contains Swedish and Old Norse. MORE


Health / Vitamins / Noradrenaline: Also known as norepinephrine. A chemical involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. MORE

Oechsle (Germany)

Life Style / Wine / Oechsle (Germany): A scale of must weight based on specific gravity. It is vital to assess the must weight in Germany as it determines the Pr├Ądikat classification. An Oechsle unit is equal to one unit of specific gravi MORE

Offline Connection

Life Style / Travel / Offline Connection: When a passenger changes air carriers on their route to their destination. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Online: It's where you are right now -- and where the rest of the world is heading to get its information and entertainment, to communicate and buy products and services. MORE