Germ Line Gene Therapy

Science / Genetics / Germ Line Gene Therapy: An experimental process of inserting genes into germ cells or fertilized eggs to cause a genetic change that can be passed on to offspring. May be used to alleviate effects associated with a genetic disease.

Other Words for Germ

Germ Adjective Synonyms: micro-organism, microbe, bacterium, virus, bug

Other Words for Line

Line Noun Synonyms: wrinkle, crease, crinkle, furrow, crow's-foot
Line Adjective Synonyms: mark, pencil-mark, pen-mark, rule, score, stroke, underline, underscore, diagonal, slash, virgule, shilling-mark, solidus, separatrix, oblique
Line Verb Synonyms: interline, cover, face, ceil

Other Words for Therapy

Therapy Verb Synonyms: psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, analysis, group therapy
Therapy Noun Synonyms: remedy, treatment, remedial programme, cure

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Molecular Genetics

Science / Genetics / Molecular Genetics: The study of macromolecules important in biological inheritance. MORE