Human Artificial Chromosome (HAC)

Science / Genetics / Human Artificial Chromosome (HAC): A vector used to hold large dna fragments.

Other Words for Artificial

Artificial Adjective Synonyms: unnatural, synthetic, man-made, manufactured, simulated, imitation, plastic

Other Words for Human

Human Noun Synonyms: sensitive, defenseless, weak, fallible, vulnerable
Human Adjective Synonyms: kind, kindly, kind-hearted, considerate, charitable, compassionate, merciful, benign, benignant, tender, gentle, forgiving, lenient, benevolent, beneficent, generous, magnanimous, humanitarian, understanding, accommodating, sympathetic, good-natured
Human Verb Synonyms: mortal, anthropoid, hominoid, android, hominid, Possibly offensive manlike

Human Resources

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Human Resources: The function dealing with the management of people employed within the organization. MORE

Human Resource Planning

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Human Resource Planning: The process of anticipating future staffing needs and ensuring that a sufficient pool of talent possessing the skills and experience needed will be available to meet those needs. MORE

Human Signs

Science / Astrology / Human Signs: Signs that exhibit human qualities such as sparse body hair: Gemini, Virgo, the first 15° of Sagittarius and Aquarius. Some authorities include Libra and all of Sagittarius in this group, thereby equ MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Humanism: A Renaissance intellectual and artistic movement triggered by a 'rediscovery' of classical Greek and Roman language, culture and literature. The term was coined in the sixteenth century from 'studia h MORE

Humanistic Astrology

Science / Astrology / Humanistic Astrology: Person-centered astrology as opposed to event-oriented. MORE

Human Resource Metrics

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Human Resource Metrics: Measurements used to determine the value and effectiveness of HR strategies. Typically includes such items as cost per hire, turnover rates/costs, training and human capital ROI, labor /productivity r MORE