Human Genome Initiative

Science / Genetics / Human Genome Initiative: Collective name for several projects begun in 1986 by doe to create an ordered set of dna segments from known chromosomal locations, develop new computational methods for analyzing genetic map and dna sequence data, and develop new techniques and instruments for detecting and analyzing dna. This doe initiative is now known as the human genome program. The joint national effort, led by doe and nih, is known as the human genome project.

Other Words for Human

Human Verb Synonyms: mortal, anthropoid, hominoid, android, hominid, Possibly offensive manlike
Human Adjective Synonyms: kind, kindly, kind-hearted, considerate, charitable, compassionate, merciful, benign, benignant, tender, gentle, forgiving, lenient, benevolent, beneficent, generous, magnanimous, humanitarian, understanding, accommodating, sympathetic, good-natured
Human Noun Synonyms: sensitive, defenseless, weak, fallible, vulnerable

Other Words for Initiative

Initiative Noun Synonyms: first move or step, lead, opening move

Human Signs

Science / Astrology / Human Signs: Signs that exhibit human qualities such as sparse body hair: Gemini, Virgo, the first 15° of Sagittarius and Aquarius. Some authorities include Libra and all of Sagittarius in this group, thereby equ MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Humanism: A Renaissance intellectual and artistic movement triggered by a 'rediscovery' of classical Greek and Roman language, culture and literature. The term was coined in the sixteenth century from 'studia h MORE

Humanistic Astrology

Science / Astrology / Humanistic Astrology: Person-centered astrology as opposed to event-oriented. MORE