Independent Assortment

Science / Genetics / Independent Assortment: During meiosis each of the two copies of a gene is distributed to the germ cells independently of the distribution of other genes.

Other Words for Assortment

Assortment Noun Synonyms: group, class, category, batch, set, lot, classification, grouping

Other Words for Independent

Independent Adjective Synonyms: self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-assured, (self-)confident, bold, individualistic, competent
Independent Noun Synonyms: free, self-governing, autonomous, sovereign

Independent Station

Technology / Television (TV) / Independent Station: Stations not affiliated with any network, usually refers to commercial stations only. MORE

Independent Study

Life Style / College / Independent Study: A course of study designed by a student and a sponsoring faculty member or teacher. The student works independently on the project and material throughout the term, continually consulting with the ins MORE

Independent Project

Business / Finance / Independent Project: NYSE member who executes orders for floor brokers and firms other than its own. MORE

Independent Practice Associations

Health / Health Insurance / Independent Practice Associations: IPAs are similar to HMOs, except that individuals receive care in a physician's own office, rather than in an HMO facility. MORE

Independent Practice Association (IPA)

Health / Health Insurance / Independent Practice Association (IPA): An organization comprised of individual physicians or physicians in small group practices that contracts with MCOs on behalf of its member physicians to provide healthcare services. MORE

Independent Telephone Network (ITN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Independent Telephone Network (ITN): Companies not affiliated with the local telephone companies. MORE