Science / Genetics / Inherit: In genetics, to receive genetic material from parents through biological processes.

Other Words for Inherit

Inherit Verb Synonyms: come into, fall or be or become heir to, be bequeathed, succeed to, be left, receive, acquire, come by

Inheritance Of Acquired Characteristics

Science / Biology / Inheritance Of Acquired Characteristics: Lamarcks view that features acquired during an organisms lifetime would be passed on to succeeding generations, leading to inheritable change in species over time. MORE

Inherited IRA

Business / Taxes / Inherited IRA: An inherited IRA is an IRA that passes to a beneficiary at the death of the IRA owner. If you name your spouse as the beneficiary of your IRA, your spouse inherits the IRA at your death. At that point MORE

Inheritance Taxes

Business / Real Estate / Inheritance Taxes: An estate tax imposed by the state on heirs for their right to inherit property. The tax is not levied on the property itself, but rather on the heirs for their right to acquire the property by succes MORE


Technology / Programming / Inheritance: Inheritance is the process of having one class extend another class. When a class extends another class, it inherits all the methods and properties of its parent class. In c++, this is done by writing MORE

Mendelian Inheritance

Science / Genetics / Mendelian Inheritance: One method in which genetic traits are passed from parents to offspring. Named for gregor mendel, who first studied and recognized the existence of genes and this method of inheritance. MORE

Polygenic Inheritance

Science / Biology / Polygenic Inheritance: Occurs when a trait is controlled by several gene pairs; usually results in continuous variation. MORE