Long-Range Restriction Mapping

Science / Genetics / Long-Range Restriction Mapping: Restriction enzymes are proteins that cut dna at precise locations. Restriction maps depict the chromosomal positions of restriction-enzyme cutting sites. These are used as biochemical 'signposts,' or markers of specific areas along the chromosomes. The map will detail the positions where the dna molecule is cut by particular restriction enzymes.

Other Words for Restriction

Restriction Noun Synonyms: condition, provision, proviso, qualification, stipulation

Restriction Enzyme Cutting Site

Science / Genetics / Restriction Enzyme Cutting Site: A specific nucleotide sequence of dna at which a particular restriction enzyme cuts the dna. Some sites occur frequently in dna (e.g., every several hundred base pairs), others much less frequently (r MORE

Quantitative Restrictions

Business / Agriculture / Quantitative Restrictions: Quantitative restrictions are limitations on the quantity or value of a product that may be permitted to enter a country. They are probably the most familiar of the nontariff barriers and include quot MORE

Mapping Population

Science / Genetics / Mapping Population: The group of related organisms used in constructing a genetic map. MORE