Mapping Population

Science / Genetics / Mapping Population: The group of related organisms used in constructing a genetic map.

Other Words for Population

Population Adverb Synonyms: people, populace, inhabitants, residents, natives, denizens, citizenry, citizens, folk

Population Dynamics

Science / Biology / Population Dynamics: The study of the factors that affect the growth, stability, and decline of populations, as well as the interactions of those factors. MORE

Population Density

Science / Marine Biology / Population Density: Number of individuals per unit area or volume MORE

Population Genetics

Science / Genetics / Population Genetics: The study of variation in genes among a group of individuals. MORE

Receptor Population

Health / Disease / Receptor Population: People who could come into contact with hazardous substances [see exposure pathway]. MORE

Texture Mapping

Entertainment / Video Games / Texture Mapping: The programming technique that draws graphical patterns on polygons. This allows smooth surfaces to look bumpy or shaded. MORE

Special Populations

Health / Disease / Special Populations: People who might be more sensitive or susceptible to exposure to hazardous substances because of factors such as age, occupation, sex, or behaviors (for example, cigarette smoking). Children, pregnant MORE