Molecular Biology

Science / Genetics / Molecular Biology: The study of the structure, function, and makeup of biologically important molecules.

Molecular Model

Science / Chemistry / Molecular Model: A representation of a molecule. The model can be purely computational or it can be an actual physical object. Stick models show bonds, ball-and-stick models show bonds and atoms, and spacefilling mode MORE

Molecular Medicine

Science / Genetics / Molecular Medicine: The treatment of injury or disease at the molecular level. Examples include the use of dna-based diagnostic tests or medicine derived from dna sequence information. MORE

Molecular Geometry

Science / Chemistry / Molecular Geometry: 1. The three-dimensional shape of a molecule. For example, methane (CH4) has a tetrahedral molecular geometry. 2. The study of molecular shapes. MORE

Molecular Orbital

Science / Chemistry / Molecular Orbital: A wavefunction that describes the behavior of an electron in a molecule. Molecular orbitals are usually spread across many atoms in the molecule, and they are often described as a combination of atomi MORE

Molecular Sieve

Science / Chemistry / Molecular Sieve: A material that contains many small cavities interconnected with pores of precisely uniform size. Zeolites are an example. Molecular sieves adsorb molecules that are small enough to pass through their MORE

Unimolecular Reaction

Science / Chemistry / Unimolecular Reaction: A reaction that involves isomerization or decomposition of a single molecule. MORE