Northern Blot

Science / Genetics / Northern Blot: A gel-based laboratory procedure that locates mrna sequences on a gel that are complementary to a piece of dna used as a probe.

Other Words for Blot

Blot Verb Synonyms: stain, spot, spatter, smudge, mark, blur
Blot Noun Synonyms: stain, spot, mark, smudge, blotch, blemish, disfigurement, smear, smirch, scar, splodge or also splotch

Southern Blotting

Science / Genetics / Southern Blotting: A technique for transferring electrophoretically resolved dna segments from an agarose gel to a nitrocellulose filter paper sheet via capillary action: the dna segment of interest is probed with a rad MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Roublot: Variety having several synonym names including Cesar Blanc and Plant de Vaux. Is now reported (2001) to be the possible result of a Pinot cepage x Gouais Blanc cross. No other details as yet. MORE

Western Blot

Science / Genetics / Western Blot: A technique used to identify and locate proteins based on their ability to bind to specific antibodies. MORE

Western Blotting Analysis

Science / Genetics / Western Blotting Analysis: A technique used to identify a specific protein: the probe is a radioactively labeled antibody raised against the protein in question. MORE

Zoo Blot

Science / Genetics / Zoo Blot: northern analysis of mRNA from different organisms. MORE

Northern Europe (NE) Cotton Price

Business / Agriculture / Northern Europe (NE) Cotton Price: An average of the five lowest prices of several internationally-traded cottons (including cost, insurance, and freight) quoted for delivery in Northern Europe. The NE price is used by USDA in its form MORE