Nuclear Transfer

Science / Genetics / Nuclear Transfer: A laboratory procedure in which a cell's nucleus is removed and placed into an oocyte with its own nucleus removed so the genetic information from the donor nucleus controls the resulting cell. Such cells can be induced to form embryos. This process was used to create the cloned sheep 'dolly'.

Other Words for Nuclear

Nuclear Noun Synonyms: atomic

Other Words for Transfer

Transfer Verb Synonyms: move, transport, convey, remove, carry, take, deliver, bring, transmit, cart, haul, shift, hand (on or over), turn over, give, pass (on or along or over)

Transfer Agent

Business / Finance / Transfer Agent: A change of ownership from one person or party to another. MORE


Business / Accounting / Transfer: (See money wire.) MORE

Thermonuclear Reaction

Science / Geology / Thermonuclear Reaction: A reaction in which atomic nuclei fuse into new elements with a large release of heat: especially a reaction that is self-sustaining. Occasionally used to include fission reactions as well. MORE

Transfer Agreements

Life Style / College / Transfer Agreements: Greenville Tech has transfer agreements with area colleges and universities to help you transfer. If you follow one of these agreements, you can move from an associate degree to a bachelor's degree wi MORE

Transfer Degree (AA-AS)

Life Style / College / Transfer Degree (AA-AS): Transfer degrees are designed for students who want to complete their first two years of college work and then transfer on to a four-year institution. Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree MORE

Transfer Of Development Rights (TDR)

Business / Agriculture / Transfer Of Development Rights (TDR): Property rights that may not be used on the land from which they were derived: usually they are sold from areas where uses are restricted, such as active agricultural areas, to receiving or growth are MORE