Science / Genetics / Nucleus: The cellular organelle in eukaryotes that contains most of the genetic material.

Other Words for Nucleus

Nucleus Noun Synonyms: core, heart, centre, kernel, pith, focus, nub

Tube Nucleus

Science / Biology / Tube Nucleus: One of the cells in the male gametophyte in seed plants. The tube nucleus grows through the stigma, style, and into the ovule, clearing the way for the sperm nuclei to enter the embryo sac. MORE


Science / Genetics / Pronucleus: The nucleus of a sperm or egg prior to fertilization. MORE

Atomic Nucleus

Science / Chemistry / Atomic Nucleus: A tiny, incredibly dense positively charged mass at the heart of the atom. The nucleus is composed of protons and neutrons (and other particles). It contains almost all of the mass of the atom but occ MORE


Science / Biology / Macronucleus: In ciliates, the large nucleus that carries up to several hundred copies of the genome and controls metabolism and asexual reproduction. MORE


Science / Biology / Micronucleus: In the protistan group known as the ciliates, the small nucleus containing a single copy of the genome that is used for sexual reproduction. MORE

Nucleus (Cell)

Science / Biology / Nucleus (Cell): The largest, most prominent organelle in eukaryotic cells; a round or oval body that is surrounded by the nuclear envelope and contains the genetic information necessary for control of cell structure MORE