Science / Genetics / Polypeptide: A protein or part of a protein made of a chain of amino acids joined by a peptide bond.


Science / Biology / Intron: In eukaryotes, bases of a gene transcribed but later excised from the mRNA prior to exporting from the nucleus and subsequent translation of the message into a polypeptide. MORE


Science / Biology / Ribosomes: Small organelles made of rRNA and protein in the cytoplasm of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells; aid in the production of proteins on the rough endoplasmic reticulum and ribosome complexes. The site of MORE


Science / Biology / Anticodon: A sequence of three nucleotides on the transfer RNA molecule that recognizes and pairs with a specific codon on a messenger RNA molecule; helps control the sequence of amino acids in a growing polypep MORE


Science / Biology / Pepsin: An enzyme produced from pepsinogen that initiates protein digestion by breaking down protein into large peptide fragments. An enzyme, produced by the stomach, that chemically breaks down peptide bonds MORE


Science / Biology / Genes: Specific segments of DNA that control cell structure and function; the functional units of inheritance. Sequence of DNA bases usually code for a polypeptide sequence of amino acids. MORE


Science / Genetics / Exons: Portion of a gene included in the transcript of a gene and survives processing of the rna in the cell nucleus to become part of a spliced messenger of a structural rna in the cell cytoplasm: an exon s MORE