Science / Genetics / Recessive: A gene that is phenotypically manifest in the homozygous state but is masked in the presence of a dominant allele.

Recessive Gene

Science / Genetics / Recessive Gene: A gene which will be expressed only if there are 2 identical copies or, for a male, if one copy is present on the x chromosome. MORE


Science / Biology / Dominant: Refers to an allele of a gene that is always expressed in heterozygotes. MORE

Tay-Sachs Disease

Science / Genetics / Tay-Sachs Disease: A fatal degenerative disease of the nervous system due to a deficiency of hexosamidase a, causing mental deficiency, paralysis, mental deterioration, and blindness: found primarily but not exclusively MORE


Science / Genetics / Dwarfism: Conditions of short stature with adult height under 4'10' as adult, usually with normal intelligence and lifespan. Ehlers danlos syndrome connective tissue condition including problems with tendons, l MORE


Science / Genetics / Dystonia: Neurologic condition involving repeated twisting and movement. Involves a variety of muscle groups. Intelligence not effected. Three forms: childhood - autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, adult-a MORE


Business / Agriculture / Carrier: An inert material added to an active ingredient in a pesticide to enhance its delivery or effectiveness. MORE