Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP)

Science / Genetics / Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP): Variation between individuals in dna fragment sizes cut by specific restriction enzymes: polymorphic sequences that result in rflps are used as markers on both physical maps and genetic linkage maps. Rflps are usually caused by mutation at a cutting site. See marker.

Other Words for Fragment

Fragment Noun Synonyms: shatter, splinter, break or split (up), explode, disintegrate, come or go to pieces, come apart
Fragment Verb Synonyms: piece, portion, part, chip, shard or sherd, splinter, sliver, scrap, bit, speck, snippet, morsel, crumb, particle, remnant, shred, snatch

Other Words for Length

Length Verb Synonyms: extent, measure, span, reach, size, magnitude, dimension, measurement

Other Words for Restriction

Restriction Noun Synonyms: condition, provision, proviso, qualification, stipulation

Protein Polymorphism

Science / Marine Biology / Protein Polymorphism: Presence of several variants of a protein of a given type (e.g., a certain enzyme, such as carboxylase) in a population MORE

Pulse Length

Technology / Radar / Pulse Length: The time duration, measured in micro seconds, of a single radar pulse. Also called pulse duration. MORE

Pulse Length Error

Technology / Radar / Pulse Length Error: A range distortion of a radar return caused by the duration of the pulse. The error is always on the far side of the return and is equal to the range equivalent of one half the pulse length. For accur MORE

Port Length

Technology / Home Audio / Port Length: The measurement of the length of the port tube. MORE


Science / Genetics / Polymorphism: Difference in dna sequence among individuals that may underlie differences in health. Genetic variations occurring in more than 1% of a population would be considered useful polymorphisms for genetic MORE

Macrorestriction Map

Science / Genetics / Macrorestriction Map: Map depicting the order of and distance between sites at which restriction enzymes cleave chromosomes. MORE