Somatic Cell Genetic Mutation

Science / Genetics / Somatic Cell Genetic Mutation: A change in the genetic structure that is neither inherited nor passed to offspring. Also called acquired mutations.

Other Words for Cell

Cell Noun Synonyms: chamber, room, apartment, cubicle, stall

Other Words for Mutation

Mutation Adjective Synonyms: change, changing, alteration, altering, modification, modifying, transformation, transforming, metamorphosis, metamorphosing, transmutation, transmuting, transfiguration, transfiguring, evolution, evolving, variation, varying


Science / Biology / Multicellular: Organisms composed of multiple cells and exhibiting some division of labor and specialization of cell structure and function. MORE


Science / Biology / Mutation: Any heritable change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA; can involve substitutions, insertions, or deletions of one or more nucleotides. MORE

Mutation Rate

Science / Biology / Mutation Rate: The average occurrence of mutations in a species per a given unit of time. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Nacelle: A streamlined enclosure or housing to protect something such as the crew, engine, or landing gear. French: nacelle, from Latin, navicella, little ship. MORE

Multicell Storm

Science / Weather / Multicell Storm: A thunderstorm made up of two or more single-cell storms. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Monticello: V. hybrid cultivar derived from a complex (Fredonia x Niagara) x (Fredonia x Athens) parentage cross. Released in 1973, this productive, disease resistant variety resembles Steuben. Normally ripens ar MORE