Science / Genetics / Trait: Any detectable phenotypic property of an organism.

Other Words for Trait

Trait Noun Synonyms: feature, characteristic, attribute, quality, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, quirk, lineament, mark, property

Portrait Lens

Entertainment / Photography / Portrait Lens: Lenses produced specifically for portraiture. They usually have a long focal length and produce a slightly diffused image. MORE

Complex Trait

Science / Genetics / Complex Trait: Trait that has a genetic component that does not follow strict mendelian inheritance. May involve the interaction of two or more genes or gene-environment interactions. MORE

Portrait En Creux

Entertainment / Literature / Portrait En Creux: A rhetorical or literary device in which a writer mentions an absence to evoke the counterpart presence. This is the verbal equivalent of 'negative space' in sculpture or painting. MORE

Cytoplasmic Trait

Science / Genetics / Cytoplasmic Trait: A genetic characteristic in which the genes are found outside the nucleus, in chloroplasts or mitochondria. Results in offspring inheriting genetic material from only one parent. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Creole: A native language combining the traits of multiple languages, i.e., an advanced and fully developed pidgin. In the American South, black slaves were often brought in from a variety of African tribes s MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Mesure: In French chivalric literature, the equivalent of Latin moderatio--the ability to follow a golden mean and not go to unreasonable extremes. This trait contrasts with the demesure (excessive actions or MORE