Science / Genetics / Transcription: The synthesis of an RNA copy from a sequence of DNA (a gene): the first step in gene expression.

Narrow Transcription

Entertainment / Literature / Narrow Transcription: In linguistics, phonetic transcription that shows minute details, i.e., highly accurate transcription. The opposite term, broad transcription, implies quickly made or comparative transcriptions design MORE

Reverse Transcription

Science / Biology / Reverse Transcription: Process of transcribing a single-stranded DNA from a single-stranded RNA (the reverse of transcription); used by retroviruses as well as in biotechnology. MORE

Phonetic Transcription

Entertainment / Literature / Phonetic Transcription: Written symbols that linguists use to represent speech sounds. One common transcription system is the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). To see samples in PDF format, you can download IPA vowels a MORE

Broad Transcription

Entertainment / Literature / Broad Transcription: Imprecise phonetic transcription for general comparative purposes. MORE

Transcription Factor

Science / Genetics / Transcription Factor: A protein that binds to regulatory regions and helps control gene expression. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Grapheme: In a writing system, the smallest written mark or symbol that has meaning, and which cannot be subdivided into smaller markings recognized as symbols in a particular written form of language. For exam MORE