Science / Genetics / Transformation: A process by which the genetic material carried by an individual cell is altered by incorporation of exogenous dna into its genome.

Other Words for Transformation

Transformation Noun Synonyms: change, modification, transfiguration, transfigurement, alteration, transmutation, metamorphosis, conversion, transmogrification, mutation, permutation

Transformational Grammar

Entertainment / Literature / Transformational Grammar: An influential theory of grammar associated with the linguist Noam Chomsky. This theory, also known as generative grammar, or transformational-generative grammar (and abbreviated T-G), tries to explai MORE

Organizational Transformation

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Organizational Transformation: Refers to organization-wide changes, such as restructuring operations, introducing new technologies, processes, services or products, implementing new programs, re-engineering, etc. MORE

Ro-Hun Transformation Therapy

Health / Massage / Ro-Hun Transformation Therapy: This is a form of energy healing in which the therapist manipulates the client’s energy bodies near each chakra. The objective of rohun is to understand how certain adverse patterns became fixed in MORE

Transformational Leadership

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Transformational Leadership: A systematic form of leadership focusing on change and innovation. According to Bernard Bass, it is a form of leadership occurring when leaders "broaden and elevate the interests of their employees, w MORE

Holotropic Breathwork

Health / Massage / Holotropic Breathwork: Developed by Dr. Stanislov Grof, a psychiatrist working with people in uncommon states of consciousness, and by Christina Grof, a transpersonal teacher, this is a simple, yet powerful technique for se MORE

Kundalini Energization

Health / Massage / Kundalini Energization: This is a form of healing energy in which the objective is to raise the client’s Kundalini energy for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment. First, the chakras and energy bodies are thoroughly clea MORE