Science / Genetics / Transgenic: An experimentally produced organism in which dna has been artificially introduced and incorporated into the organism's germ line.

Transgenic Organism

Science / Genetics / Transgenic Organism: One into which a cloned genetic material has been experimentally transferred, a subset of these foreign gene express themselves in their offspring.turner syndrome a chromosomal condition in females (u MORE

Molecular Farming

Science / Genetics / Molecular Farming: The development of transgenic animals to produce human proteins for medical use. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Biopesticide: A pesticide that is biological in origin (i.e., viruses, bacteria, pheromones, natural plant compounds) in contrast to synthetic chemicals. Transgenic Bt cotton and corn are biopesticides because Baci MORE

Genetic Engineering

Business / Agriculture / Genetic Engineering: The use of recombinant DNA or other specific molecular gene transfer or exchange techniques to add desirable traits to plants, animals, or other organisms, or to enhance biological processes. Organism MORE

Pest Resistance Management (PRM) Plans

Business / Agriculture / Pest Resistance Management (PRM) Plans: To protect the continued use of biopesticides, the Environmental Protection Agency is requiring companies developing transgenic crops (see genetic engineering) to submit and implement pest resistance MORE