Tumor Suppressor Gene

Science / Genetics / Tumor Suppressor Gene: Genes that normally function to restrain the growth of tumors: the best understood case is for hereditary retinoblastoma.

Other Words for Tumor

Tumor Verb Synonyms: neoplasm, cancer, melanoma, sarcoma, malignancy, carcinoma, growth, lump, swelling, protuberance, excrescence


Science / Genetics / Heterogeneity: The production of identical or similar phenotypes by different genetic mechanisms. MORE

Heterogeneous Mixture

Science / Chemistry / Heterogeneous Mixture: A sample of matter consisting of more than one pure substance and more than one phase. Blood, protoplasm, milk, chocolate, smoke, and chicken soup are examples of heterogeneous mixtures. MORE

Homeobox Genes

Science / Biology / Homeobox Genes: Pattern genes that establish the body plan and position of organs in response to gradients of regulatory molecules. MORE


Business / Finance / Homogeneity: An insurance policy protecting a homeowner against damage or loss to property. MORE

Germ Line Gene Therapy

Science / Genetics / Germ Line Gene Therapy: An experimental process of inserting genes into germ cells or fertilized eggs to cause a genetic change that can be passed on to offspring. May be used to alleviate effects associated with a genetic d MORE

Geneva Double Curtain

Life Style / Wine / Geneva Double Curtain: A vine training method. More details may be found in my advice page on vine training techniques. MORE