Science / Geology / Basin: In tectonics, a circular, syncline-like depression of strata. In sedimentology, the site of accumulation of a large thickness of sediments.

Multiple Basing Points

Business / Agriculture / Multiple Basing Points: A method of regional pricing in milk marketing orders that would allow more than one basing point, or 'surplus area,' to be used. Surplus areas are administratively defined as areas with low Class I u MORE

Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act Of 1983 (CBERA)

Business / Agriculture / Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act Of 1983 (CBERA): P.L. 98-67 (August 5, 1983), Title II, authorized unilateral preferential trade and tax benefits for eligible Caribbean countries, including duty-free treatment of eligible products. This law is commo MORE

Basing Point

Business / Agriculture / Basing Point: A geographical site used to establish fixed rates and/or prices for federal milk marketing orders. Generally, rates or prices increase according to the distance from the basing point. The FAIR Act of MORE

Intermontane Basin

Science / Geology / Intermontane Basin: A basin between mountain ranges, often formed over a graben. MORE

Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI)

Business / Agriculture / Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI): A permanent program designed to increase private investment, trade, and tourism in Caribbean countries, initially created by the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act of 1983 and amended several times MORE

Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program

Business / Agriculture / Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program: This program was authorized in the Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Act and was repealed and replaced by the Environmental Quality Incentives Program in the FAIR Act of 1996. Administered by the MORE