Science / Geology / Bedrock: Solid rock present beneath any soil, sediment or other surface cover. In some locations it may be exposed at Earth's surface.


Science / Geology / Outcrop: An exposure of bedrock. Outcrops can be formed naturally or by human action. Stream erosion and highway construction can produce outcrops. MORE


Science / Geology / Regolith: A general term used in reference to unconsolidated rock, alluvium or soil material on top of the bedrock. Regolith may be formed in place or transported in from adjacent lands. MORE


Science / Geology / Pothole: A cylindrical or hemispherical hold in the bedrock of a stream that is formed from the continual swirling motion of sand and gravel by swirling currents. MORE


Science / Biology / Classes: Taxonomic subcategories of phyla. MORE

Terroir (France)

Life Style / Wine / Terroir (France): There is much discussion of terroir, a French term which has no simple translation into English. It refers to the external influences on the ripening grapes, including the soils (depth and type), bedr MORE

Relative Mean Sea Level Change

Science / Tides and Currents / Relative Mean Sea Level Change: A local change in mean sea level relative to a network of bench marks established in the most stable and permanent material available (bedrock, if possible) on the land adjacent to the tide station lo MORE