Science / Geology / Cation: Any ion with a positive electric charge.

Special Education

Life Style / College / Special Education: Special instruction for students with educational or physical disabilities; tailored to each student's needs and learning style. MORE

Identification Friend Or Foe (IFF)

Technology / Radar / Identification Friend Or Foe (IFF): The identification friend or foe (iff) system is an example of a secondary radar system that is in wide use in the military environment. MORE

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Technology / Cell Phones / Federal Communications Commission (FCC): The federal government agency located in Washington, D.C. responsible for regulating telecommunications in the United States, including commercial and private wireless spectrum management. MORE

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)

Technology / Cell Phones / Wireless Application Protocol (WAP): An open standard for communication between handsets and the Internet. WAP is a wireless communications environment for delivering web data to wireless terminals with minimal screen display. An initiat MORE

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Technology / Cell Phones / International Telecommunication Union (ITU): An agency of the United Nations, headquartered in Geneva that furthers the development of telecommunications services worldwide and oversees global allocation of spectrum for future uses. MORE

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA): The United States' telecommunications standards making body. MORE