Chemical Sedimentary Rock

Science / Geology / Chemical Sedimentary Rock: A rock that forms from the precipitation of mineral material from solution. Examples are chert and rock salt.

Other Words for Rock

Rock Adjective Synonyms: crag, tor, escarpment, scarp, outcrop, outcropping
Rock Noun Synonyms: stone, boulder

Rock Salt

Science / Geology / Rock Salt: A chemical sedimentary rock that forms from the evaporation of ocean or saline lake waters. It is also known by the mineral name 'halite'. It is rarely found at Earth's surface, except in areas of ver MORE

Rock Cycle

Science / Geology / Rock Cycle: The geologic cycle, with emphasis on the rocks produced: sedimentary rocks are metamorphosed to metamorphic rocks, or melted to create igneous rocks, and all rocks may be uplifted and eroded to make s MORE

Rock Band

Entertainment / Music / Rock Band: Popular music ensemble that depends on amplified strings, percussion, and electronically generated sounds. MORE

Rock And Rye

Entertainment / Liquor / Rock And Rye: An amber-colored American liqueur originally made from rye whiskey and rock candy. MORE

Rock And Roll

Entertainment / Music / Rock And Roll: American popular music style first heard in the 1950s: derived from the union of African-American rhythm and blues, country-western, and pop music. MORE

Rock Flour

Science / Geology / Rock Flour: A glacial sediment of extremely fine (silt-and clay-size) ground rock formed by abrasion of rocks at the base of the glacier. MORE