Science / Geology / Clay: A clastic mineral particle of any composition that has a grain size smaller than 1/256 mm. The term is also used in reference to a broad category of hydrous silicate minerals in which the silica tetrahedrons are arranged into sheets.

Expansive Clay (Expansive Soil)

Science / Geology / Expansive Clay (Expansive Soil): A clay soil that expands when water is added and contracts when it dries out. This volume change when in contact with buildings, roadways, or underground utilities can cause severe damage. MORE

Clayton Act

Business / Agriculture / Clayton Act: A 1914 law that supplemented the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 by clarifying market activities (including those in agriculture) considered to be monopolistic or trade-restraining. The Capper-Volstead MORE

Clayden Effect

Entertainment / Photography / Clayden Effect: Desensitizing of an emulsion by means of exposure to a strong, brief flash of light. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Landfill: A landfill is an enormous hole, either excavated for the purpose of waste disposal or left over from a surface mining operation. The hole is lined with clay or a synthetic lining to prevent leakage of MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Cross-Over: A ball that results in a Brooklyn hit. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Dirtballer: A colloquial term for a clay court specialist MORE