Science / Geology / Deposition: The settling from suspension of transported sediments. Also, the precipitation of chemical sediments from mineral rich waters.

Acid Deposition

Business / Agriculture / Acid Deposition: Abnormally acidic (low ph) precipitation (or dry deposition) resulting from emissions of sulfur and nitrogen compounds that transform during chemical processes in the atmosphere. Acid deposition can a MORE

Deposition Remnant Magnetization

Science / Geology / Deposition Remnant Magnetization: A weak magnetization created in sedimentary rocks by the rotation of magnetic crystals into line with the ambient field during settling. MORE


Science / Geology / Unconformity: A surface that separates two strata. It represents an interval of time in which deposition stopped, erosion removed some sediments and rock, and then deposition resumed (see also Angular unconformity MORE


Science / Geology / Stratigraphy: The science of the description, correlation, and classification of strata in sedimentary rocks, including the interpretation of the depositional environments of those strata. MORE


Science / Geology / Transgression: A rise in sea level relative to the land which causes areas to be submerged and marine deposition to begin in that region. MORE


Science / Geology / Diagenesis: All of the changes which happen to a sediment after deposition, excluding weathering and metamorphism. Diagenesis includes compaction, cementation, leaching and replacement. MORE